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Roots Music According to Justin Johnson:

Slide technique for 4-string guitar

Nothing sounds Bluesier than the mournful wail of the Slide Guitar, whether from the smokey sounds of early Chicago Blues, or the back-porch scratch of a Delta Bluesman.  This Instructional Video Series covers the tunings, techniques and trade secrets to Justin Johnson's innovative Slide Guitar technique for the 4-String Guitar.


Chapter 1  
•Intro to Slide Guitar
•Choosing a Guitar Slide
•How To Hold the Slide
•Tunings for Slide Guitar
Chapter 2  
•“Riff in the Style of Muddy Waters” 
•4-String Tuning Pattern #1
•Slide Guitar Basics
•Blues Vibrato Technique
Chapter 3  
•“Blues in the Style of Elmore James” 
•4-String Tuning Pattern #2
•Blues Inflections
•Classic Blues Riffs


•Video Guide - Tunings for the 4-String Guitar

•Video Tutorial - "Dust My Broom" for 4-String and 3-String Guitar