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If Walls Could Talk is the newest album by Justin Johnson, Recorded at Cash Cabin and Produced by 
5x Grammy Award winner John Carter Cash and Chuck Turner. 

Album Set includes CD, full-length DVD of behind-the-scenes video footage of studio sessions at Cash Cabin, 
​and 24-pg booklet of photos & the stories behind the songs. 

Justin Johnson: An American Master
A true master’s musicianship holds true to influences, yet follows spirit and heart first, setting aside rules and forging new and inspired art. Maybelle Carter did this, as did Django Reinhardt, Hank Williams, and Jimmie Rodgers. But in our modern world, profound musical originality is rare, and fewer still hold strong to tradition, while moving on to create distinctive new music. If, in this marketed world of overstimulation and oversaturation, you are seeking an artist with distinguishing musicianship and artistry, I recommend you listen to: Justin Johnson. 
When I first heard Justin, I was amazed. His technique is studied and focused, but still achieves previously unaccomplished inimitable ingenuity. He does this through a lately unstudied and somewhat forgotten method: honesty. Even though it may seem a familiar pathway, listen carefully…the music of Justin Johnson sets new destinations. You may hear the guitar style here of the old masters, the sounds of a wailing blues guitar, the tones of an ancient arch-top Gibson, the perfect sounds coming from a rare mandolin made in the early 1920’s, but there is more: and Justin will take you there.
I am blessed to have discovered Justin Johnson and ask that you join me, take in the music, take in the very soul of America… It is all here, and it comes from the only honest place it could: the heart.

-John Carter Cash, Producer

Justin Johnson brings to life old favorites as well as new material, with a twist all his own. Paying homage to the old, with the flair of the stars!! 
His music is timeless, yet fresh, with tastes of blues, folk, country, and rock. There is absolutely something for everyone on If Walls Could Talk. 

-Chuck Turner, Producer

Excerpts from "If Walls Could Talk" Album & DVD SET

Smoke & Mirrors is Justin Johnson's debut double-album release, Recorded in part at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis TN, "the Birthplace of Rock & Roll," and in part through a series of field recordings at a Sharecroppers' Shack in the Mississippi Delta and at the Crossroads of Blues legend, "the Birthplace of the Blues."
Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Matt Ross-Spang
Mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer, Brad Blackwood

"a MUST for any blues lover"  

-Vinny Marini, Music on the Couch

"it is really fantastic that you are keeping this roots music alive"

-Freddy Jenkins, Backporch Music

"This is an outstanding release!"  

-King Biscuit Time Radio show

 •"Midnight at the Crossroads" from 'Smoke & Mirrors' was licensed to Florentine Films for Ken Burns' documentary film "Jackie Robinson," due for release on PBS in April 2016.
 •"In the Pines" from 'Smoke & Mirrors' was licensed to ad agency Wieden + Kennedy for the "Dodge Brothers" national ad campaign for Dodge Motor Company. 
 •"Grinnin in Your Face" from 'Smoke & Mirrors' is featured on NPR Back Porch Music's "Best of Back Porch Music Vol. 18: Old Enough to Know Better" 2015 Compilation Album. 

Album Set includes two full-length CDs and two 24-pg booklets of photos & stories behind the recordings and the 25 instruments used, from modern-built handmade roots instruments to museum relic cigar box guitars and diddley bows, dating back as far as the early 1900s. 

If Walls Could Talk   -   ALBUM Set 

Excerpts from "SMOKE & MIRRORS" DOUBLE Album 

SMoke & Mirrors  -  Double Album Set